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Freight Forwarding

When it’s easier to have your products sent right from the manufacturer to their final point of distribution, Catalina Logistics can help. We offer a seamless and affordable freight forwarding service that helps you eliminate wasted time between the manufacturer and distributor.


All around the world, we offer a number of advanced and customizable transport options to help you get your goods from point A to point B safely, securely, and on time. From air transportation to land transportation, to sea transportation, we’ll work with you to find the best option for your needs.

Air Transportation – as one of the most premium services that we offer, our air transportation services are designed to provide quick and effective next-day shipping to destinations far and wide.

Land Transportation – when it comes to trucking, no one does it better. Our comprehensive fleet offers seamless pickup and drop-off at a variety of locations regionally.

Sea Transportation – For cargo and container shipping, our sea transportation services are here to deliver. We’ll work with you to embrace containerization practices to make shipping your goods and commodities overseas simple and seamless.


Do you require a dedicated logistics partner to manage your internal transportation? We can help. At Catalina Logistics, we bring more than ten years of experience to the table to ensure that your transportation processes are seamless, efficient, accurate, and most importantly, effective.

Throughout our time in business, we’ve worked with a number of companies with no limitations on size, scope or scale. Our expert logistics specialists work with our clients to help them optimize their in-house transportation processes to ensure that they save time and money on the most important and critical aspects of their business.

Cross-Continental Cargo

In today’s day and age, we know that the world is interconnected, which means that you’ll need a reliable transportation partner to get your cargo across international lines. For that very reason, we offer one of the most competitive cross-continental cargo services in the industry. We work with you to secure the very best shipping and transport rates through a variety of transportation solutions, so that you can tap into new markets.

From next-day air services to container shipping, we have all of the right resources to help ensure that you can access global markets and global resources. Work with a dedicated team with experience in navigating the world marketplace.

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